6 Hacks To Quickly Boost Your Reach On Social Media

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If you’re serious about building an internet business and live the laptop lifestyle, your presence on social media cannot be taken for granted!

Over the years, I’ve personally been testing various tactics to improve reach, buzz, and traffic to my various blogs and I wanted to share some really cool ideas in this post.

The Logic Behind Increasing Your Reach Online

To make money online and live the internet lifestyle, you’ll have to go thru a 3 step process.

Step 1 – Visibility

Step 2 – Credibility

Step 3 – Profitability

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Visibility is all about showing up in front of the right audience.

Credibility is all about building social proof around your personal brand or company.

Then comes Profitability, or monetization of your product or service.

By increasing your reach on social media, you’ll have a better chance of moving into profitability quickly.

“The goal is not to be good social media. The goal is to be good at business BECAUSE of social media!” – Jay Baer

If your activities on social media are NOT inspiring people or resulting in any form of ROI (return on investment), then you’re just wasting your time on social media.

Now let’s dive into the 6 Hacks To Increase Your Reach on Social Media

1. Get Your Camera Rolling With More Video Content


Video is the hottest thing on social media today. Many of the top social media platforms naturally give more reach to videos than regular textual or image content.

You really don’t have to be a pro at doing videos. All you need is an idea, be natural and share a powerful message which your audience can resonate with.

A lot of times I just take videos from my iPhone camera and share on social media.

2. Start Using Facebook LIVE

facebook live

Facebook LIVE is probably the hottest things now, and will only continue to grow as time progresses.

This is by far the easiest and most powerful way to engage and interact with your audiences.

Here’re some ideas on what you can do LIVE:

  • Start off a Live Q&A Session
  • Talk about your new product launch or service
  • Let it be teasers for your upcoming events
  • Go LIVE while you’re in a large event or conference
  • Go LIVE when you’re in exotic destinations, showcasing your lifestyle

There are many creative ways that you can use the LIVE option.

You’ve just got to get over your camera shyness and start off with your first LIVE video, and you’ll be amazed by the reach that Facebook gives you on this one idea.

3. Engage in Groups: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest

facebook groups

The good thing about groups is that you can actually find people focused on a particular topic or interest area – who’s your ideal target market.

You have the opportunity to join hundreds of groups on Facebook & Google+, 50 Groups on LinkedIn, while Pinterest can be used more as a channel where you can join and collaborate on different topic based boards.

Writing a high-quality blog post like this one, and sharing in relevant groups will help you gain a lot of traction and reach instantly.

Make sure that you write a unique description when you publish into any group (especially on Facebook) and do not go too fast in publishing links to more than 20-30 groups at a time. Facebook is also monitoring the speed at which you’re posting in groups.

Keep things natural, focusing on the value that you’re providing to the marketplace.

4. Work With Social Media Influencers


Getting influencers to talk about you is the best form of PR in the digital space.

One strategy that I have used is interviewing top influencers on my podcast and leveraging on their audience in the process.

There’s also good will built thru the interview process.

Find influencers who have the right target audience as for your business, make a list, and start to message them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Make sure that you have the right posture when you message them because you don’t wanna sound too desperate also when you connect with them.

Influencer marketing is super powerful if done the right way, and this one strategy can blow your social media reach thru the roof.

5. Leverage The Real Power Of Hashtags


Hashtags help to ride on topic specific or trending topics which are relevant to your audience.

There are 4 types of hashtags:
- Brand Hashtags: Example: #Nike, #Apple, #HP
- Campaign Hashtags: Example: #iphonecontest
- Topic Hashtags: Example: #running, #swimming, etc.
- Trending Hashtags: Example: #uselections, #demonetisation

Make sure that you use the right mix of hashtags to give you that boost on social media.

In my Social Media LAUNCHPAD Course, I share some advanced strategies on how to leverage hashtags to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

6. Paid Social – Advertising (PPC)

facebook advertising

While all the above 5 ideas are more tuned towards boosting your organic reach on social media, this one is all about throwing in some dollars and giving you that targeted boost on social media.

Paid Social is the fastest way to reach out to your ideal target market.

If you run a few test campaigns and get your numbers right, this can become a game.

Some of the advantages of paid social are:
– Super targeting
– Instant on-demand traffic
– Real-time reporting

Right now Facebook advertising seems to be the hottest thing on the planet for marketers.

I’ve personally been involved in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for top brands leveraging Facebook advertising.

Sign up for SCION ACADEMY and go thru my course in detail to setup and run ads in the most effective way, without burning out your funds into thin air.

Final Thoughts

Knowing who your audience is the key. Here’s a really cool infographic.

social media reach

To improve your reach and visibility on social media, you’ve got to start working on all the 6 hacks mentioned above.

Knowing and not doing… is not knowing.

Share in the comments below on which area you plan to get started immediately.

If required pick any one social media platform and maximize it’s potential before you move to the next.

The formula is all about giving great value to your readers, building their trust and getting them to share your content on social media, to bring about that increase in reach.

Wish you all the best!

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