10 Important Facts You Need To Know About Sleep

sleep facts

sleep impactIn the year 2015, I went thru a panic attack.

I was in a state of insomnia for a whole 2 weeks and was just not able to sleep.

When I researched on this topic, I came to know the reason.

It was because I was not getting enough sleep.

I used to work late nights building my internet businesses, neglecting the most important aspect – myself.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you to set your life in order so that you have the most optimal lifestyle to build your internet business.

As I researched on this subject, I came across some really powerful stats and infographics which I thought would be appropriate for me to share based on my personal experience.

1. How Much Sleep Do You Need

sleep age group

The stats here show that adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep daily, to function properly.

Newborns, infants, toddlers & pre-schoolers need at least 10-15 hours of sleep daily.

As you get older, there’s a natural tendency to reduce the numbers of hours of sleep.

2. How Do You Really Sleep?

Now that you know the number of hours required, the next step is about understanding how you sleep.

Did you know that only 1 out of 10 people sleep right through the night without any interruptions?

And most of us are able to comfortably sleep only on our own beds, as compared to hotels.

In this infographic below, you’ll also learn about the various sleep positions and personality types.

how to sleep

 3. Best & Worst Sleeping Positions

Your sleeping position can directly have an impact on your health & well-being.

If you’ve been experiencing neck pains, back pains, shoulder pains, hip pains or jaw pains, some of these positions will reveal the reason why.

Make sure that you have a look at the right positions and start changing your posture.

sleep positions

 4. How Sleep Affects Your Brain

Deprived sleep has a direct effect on your brain. Below is an infographic on the different stages of sleep and how to catch up on any sleep debt.

brain and sleep

 5. The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation was one of the main reasons I went thru a panic attack in 2015. As I was studying more about this I came to know a few things.

  • Sleep deprivation causes higher anxiety levels
  • You also tend to go into depressions quickly
  • There’s a high risk of hypertension
  • You may also have a higher risk of injury
  • Less sleep also increases chances of getting Diabetes
  • This also leads to unhealthy cravings
  • Sleep deprivation also increases chances of breast cancer and a stroke

Sleep deprivation messes around with your body clock.

sleep deprivation

6. Insane Facts About Sleep

Michael Jackson apparent went thru 60+ sleepless nights before he died.

Below are some quite interesting facts about sleep which you need to know.

sleep facts

8. The Importance Of Having Good Sleep

40% of US adults have a sleep deprivation. So having a good sound sleep daily is the key to optimal living.

  • There’s a 32% reduction in alertness in those who’ve had 1.5hrs lesser sleep than usual
  • 20% of all serious car accidents occur due to lack of sleep
  • 559 additional calories are consumed usually the day after one has had less sleep
  • Those who get less sleep have a 15% increased chance in getting chronic illnesses

importance of sleep

9. Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Here are some tips on how you can improve your sleep patterns.

  1. Sleep and wake up at the same time daily – be consistent
  2. Reduce your daily caffeine intake
  3. Turn off your computer & television at least 30mins before you sleep
  4. Do not go to bed with a full stomach. Eat at least 3hrs before you go to bed.
  5. Do not go to bed empty stomach. Eat light foods only.
  6. Regular exercise helps you get better sleep.
  7. Limit beverage consumption before bed. Else you’ll have to run to the loo which disturbs sleep.
  8. Keep your bedroom dark & quiet at all times.
  9. Invest in a good mattress and pillow.
  10. Go to sleep and wake up using your internal alarm clock, instead of your mobile phone.

tips to help you get a good night sleep

10. Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

Feng Shui or Vedic Vaastu are methods to optimise your enviornment for better energies.

1. Get a full or queen size bed.
2. Create your command center.
3. Get a headboard – The headboard keeps you connected with your partner and stabilizes you in bed.
4. Keep underneath your bed clutter-free.
5. Take mirror placement to heart.
6. Invest in better bedding.
7. Decorate with relaxing colors – Earth tones, such as blue, green and brown, are best for the bedroom
8. Be selective with electronics in your room.
9. Enhance your space with plants and essential oils.

sleep feng shui


Final Thoughts

The whole purpose of putting together this article is so that you do not make the same mistakes that I did in 2015.

In order to build a successful internet business or live optimally, you’ve got to first fix this main piece of “getting good rest”.

Neglect your sleep, and this will affect all areas of your life, and you’ll end up spending more on healthcare than ever.

The reason I compiled this post is so that I can learn myself, and also help you live a better life.

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  • balan

    An unusual topic but with loads of information…..interesting ……..usually, this topic puts one to sleep but your innovative presentation of the various points ( like narrating the kids by looking at the pictures ) made me curious and awake till your “final thoughts”. The lesson to learn : “Even a drowsy subject can make one alert”

  • Dr Chaithanya KS

    Sleep is one of the three sub pillars of life as explained in Ayurveda. The other two are Ahara (food) and Bramhacharaya (practices which help to seek the ultimate truth). They are known as Trayopathambha or three sub pillars of life. If Any one gets disturbed the whole life will collapse. So sleep plays a vital role in keeping us healthy.
    You have writen an amazing post on on sleep which can help everyone to t understand the imporatnce of sleep and change the routine to get optimal sleep to be healthy.

    • http://siddarthrajsekar.com/ Siddharth Rajsekar

      Thanks Dr. Chaitanya. Hearing your insights from a doctors point of view is even more important and inspiring. Thanks for adding value to this thread.

  • srimantraj

    Sleep should be as perfect as this post is sidz. well structured and just could not flunk my eyes of any of the info graphics. it has every details of how a sleeping culture should be for anyone. starting from how much sleep one need to, sleeping positions ,pros and cons of depriving sleep, how to set up your bedroom …..lot of takeaways….must share post. thanks

  • http://www.sunshinepill.in/ Ramya Satheesh

    Such a detailed post on sleep! Sometimes, even after 10 hours of sleep, I wake up feeling really tired. Your tips on how to improve the quality of sleep are definitely useful!
    I read an interesting fact a few days ago – When you’re happy, your body requires less sleep :)

    • http://siddarthrajsekar.com/ Siddharth Rajsekar

      Thanks Ramya!! That’s a pretty interesting tip to add to the list. Happy = Lesser Sleep

  • Valarmathy Viswanathan

    I’m a person who needs exactly 8 hours of sleep ! Not more , not less .. If I sleep for ten minutes less , I feel less fresh , if I sleep ten minutes more my body gets heated up and get back pain.. After reading this article , gonna spend my 30 minutes before my sleep in a very nice relaxing way , especially no gadgets !

  • Nikhil Bhardwaj

    Your each and every post fills my mind with positivity. Whenever negative thoughts travel in my mind i tune in to your videos, posts to bring postivity in my life.. carry on with your good deeds..lot many are gaining success mantras for life…