The Historic Frank Kern Talk On CORE INFLUENCE That Created More Millioniares Online Than Any Other Video On The Internet

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Welcome to the Internet Lifestyle blog!

I want to try my best to keep this blog jazz free, and only filter content down to what will work for you!

You see I’ve been blogging for over 8 years now and also tried various things in the internet marketing space.

Honestly, the ride has been quite a roller coaster!

Why Watch This Video

Here’s a guy called Frank Kern!

– he’s one of the most influential direct response marketers on the internet, who’s made millions and millions of dollars online selling information products over the last decade.

Probably one of the earliest adopters of internet marketing who has had million dollar days!

Interestingly, after making tons of money for years, Frank actually got into a depression and realised that everything that he was doing was not congruent to who he truly was….

And that’s when he decided to change something – which you’ll learn in this video.

This is a 2hr video.. but if you stop everything you’re doing and watch this today.. it will be life changing. Trust me!

You’ve got to watch this whole video for 5 reasons:

1. You will learn the real reason why you are not getting results in your business
2. You will learn how to sell effortlessly by tapping into your CORE.
3. You will understand that money is not the real motivation for all of us and that there’s something deeper.
4. You’ll will realise how to find your true purpose thru a pretty powerful exercise.
5. You will have the master key to influencing people across the world using the internet, using your CORE values!

Final Words

Frank Kern is one of the top pioneers in this internet marketing space.

He’s made tons of money online, and this historic 2hr video has created more millionaires online that you can ever imagine.

Guys like David Wood has learnt some of these principles from Frank and created huge multi-million dollar empires online in the last few years.

Now only that, David Wood has also helped create over 15 millionaires by applying some of the principles mentioned in this video.

I would like you to watch the video above fully, and complete the exercise given.

It may take you a few hours to complete, but once done, you will never be the same again.


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  • Harsh Chaklasiya

    Awesome Video….i loved it :D

    • Siddharth Rajsekar

      Thanks Harsh. Glad you liked it. ;)