14 Principles To Think About Before Making The Jump From Employee To Entrepreneur


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Entrepreneurship is not for everybody! Period.

If you’ve been contemplating on making that JUMP from employee to entrepreneurship, then listen to this mindnote!

I share 14 core principles which you need to ponder on before making your decision.

This is based on my personal experience and studying some of the world top entrepreneurs.

Listen to this audio, and share your comments below.

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Hi, I'm Sidz. Dropped out of college, a Musician turned social media geek! Husband of a loving wife, a father, minimalist, international speaker & podcast host! I love writing practical stuff about improving one's social skills, happiness, productivity and awesomeness.

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  • http://www.ngofrfastincome.com/ V Sridhar

    I listened to your 27 minutes audio and noted those 14 principles you shared.

    1. Desire …

    2. What Kind of Life Style I want

    3. Be Coachable

    4. Always learning new things

    5. Finding the right role models

    6. Avoid people who talk negative about what you are doing.

    7. Protecting your dreams

    8. Pull in the right resources, money, time, tapping business networks.

    9. Taking a leap of faith.

    10. Failure … Journey of Failure

    11. Being Persistent

    12. Acquiring new skill sets – track your progress.

    13. Not seeking approval from those who have opposite mindset.

    14. Looking into the future. Achieve success.

    • http://siddarthrajsekar.com/ Siddharth Rajsekar

      Excellent Sridhar. You’ve captured all the key points well!

  • http://www.leadbytes.net/ Ranjith Baskaran

    What I learned from here.. is We can do Blogging via Audio also.. Let me bookmark this episode & will imply your 14 principles also..