How To Compress Time & Bend Reality Like NEO


Want to feel like NEO from the Matrix? There’s a trick to compressing time and bending reality. It’s called the “700 Principle”. Listen to this and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

compress time

This “700 principle” can have a tremendous impact in your life and business too.

MindNotes – Key Highlights

The 700 Principle

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Hi, I'm Sidz. Dropped out of college, a Musician turned social media geek! Husband of a loving wife, a father, minimalist, international speaker & podcast host! I love writing practical stuff about improving one's social skills, happiness, productivity and awesomeness.

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  • Ramya

    Such a great podcast. There are a lot of times when I begin doing something and give it up halfway when I don’t see results. I’m gonna start clocking 700 hours for anything I wanna gain fluency in from now. Even if I pick up one new skill to master every year, that’s 5 areas of expertise in 5 years and I know I’ll form associations with experts in the field along the way.
    Thank you Siddharth for this. I’m gonna listen to this everytime I feel like giving up.

    • Siddharth Rajsekar

      That’s awesome Ramya! Glad you found this useful. Yes, clocking those 700 hours is key… and if you take that to 10000 hours you become a master in that – be it video blogging, or writing or presenting to people. Keep it going! All the best…

  • RR

    Great stuff!!! 700 hours – not sure how I will monitor but I surely know mastery is the key!!! There is no way out and I will work towards it… The “feedback” and “training” part is crucial and will do it more often….

  • balan

    “Practice…practice….practice….” over a period of time becomes automatically reflexive and and as an habit. The “700 principle” within a short period of time span is something new that I hear ….don’t know how this 700 is derived but what I can see is that it gives aggressive training to the concerned and he becomes fluent if not a master in the subject.
    This brings in another ( the reverse ) thought, as well : if a person idles or wastes 700 hours of time say for a time span of one week or 10 days ( to figure out exactly if it is 7 days or 10 days ) and if he continues the same trend over months for an year and subsequently for years, he invariably becomes lazy and lethargic. So, it is absolutely important to keep our mind active over a subject / concept so that you become fluent in that area or at least get occupied with something or the other so that you don’t get to be become lazy.