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siddharth rajsekarEver wondered why only a small 1% of this world’s population are the only ones that create a massive impact that 99% of the others benefit from?

That’s because they do not think like the 99% of the population.

It’s because they do not use “common sense” in their mental framework.

But there’s something else…

And that’s what I wanted to share with you today…

I want to reveal some insights on being “counter-intuitive” or thinking beyond your common sense to achieve great heights in life and business…

I’ve taken note of these things after studying over 50+ successful people who have created massive changes in the society…

Example: The logical thing for India to do during the freedom movement in the 1940’s was probably go to WAR, but the counter-intuitive thinking of one man Mahatma Gandhi, who adopted non-violence changed the course of the history of the nation.

If you think deeply about some of these points, you’ll realize 99% of the world don’t get it… that’s why they end up being the common man…but the ones that do… go far ahead than anybody else in life.

You’ve got to be a little crazy to change the world.

So let’s dive into 11 aspects of life, which you can look at from a counter-intuitive standpoint.

  1. Being Perfect In Life
  2. Getting Highly Qualified
  3. Gaining Loyalty & Trust
  4. Getting More Business
  5. Getting Wealthy
  6. Getting A Life Partner
  7. Becoming Famous
  8. Kids: Choosing A School
  9. Work Culture & How You Treat Employees
  10. Treating Yourself During Sickness: Health
  11. Ultimate Goal: Science or Spirituality



- The common man’s philosophy on being perfect in life is to never make mistakes and be that geeky person with neatly combed hair who’s always obedient in doing everything others say. You may be called a good man but…

- The counter-intuitive way to perfect your life is to try different things and FAIL FORWARD. Experience is the greatest teacher, but most of our schooling system never allows us to make and learn from mistakes. The person who’s tried and learned thru experience is far more perfect than the ones who’ve hardly tried.

Note: Schools despise failing. It’s only after college that life teaches the reality of failing forward. ‘Perfection’ is to know your imperfections and work on them. Nobody is ever perfect in life.

Again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will accept it, but those who do and follow thru would perfect their lives on their own accord…


  • The intuitive or most logical way to call yourself qualified in life is to probably chase that MIT, Harvard, Ivy League, IIT, IIM, degree.. or postgrad, and feel great about it. Most parents start prepping their kids from a very young age to get into these apparently “prestigious” institutions. This works but…
  • The counter-intuitive way to getting qualified in life is to chuck all of that, screw that certificate and chase after what you love… your passion in life, and to do what you’re born for. This radical thought process usually brings out people like the Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc. Such peoples’ achievements are so great that they don’t need to prove their qualification to anyone.

Note: I’m not against the ivy leagues. I’m against the sheep mentality of just copying what everyone else is doing, and taking advises from people who have no clue about what you are born for.

This is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will accept it, but those who do and follow thru usually go far ahead in life…


  • The intuitive way of gaining trust is by talking about your success. It’s to brag about your accomplishments — the number of awards you’ve won, or probably the number of celebrities that you’ve taken a picture with. This works but…
  • The counter-intuitive way of building a deeper bonding and trust with people around you is by “standing for something bigger than yourself” and talking about your personal story of struggles, exposing your flaws to the world and what you’ve learned from it.

Note: Most people don’t like to talk about their dark side. But those who do actually can gain more trust. I’ve bought a ton of stuff online from those who spoke about their flaws, because of their genuinely acceptable story, and personal experience.

Again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will accept it, but those who do and follow thru usually build a loyal following…


  • The most logical thing to do to get more customers for your business is to probably hit the phone directory, buy leads, blast emails to cold lists and train your sales teams to start making an insane amount of sales calls. It works, but…
  • The counter-intuitive way to get more customers is first to set your vision clear and speak more about your mission than your products or service. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it (Simon Sinek).

When this happens, then you’ll have your customers and partners coming to you rather than you chasing after them.

Note: Stop being a ‘hunter’ chasing after customers. Be a farmer, plant the seeds of value, and let your customers chose you based on the value that they experience, and the value system by which your business is built.

Again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will accept it, but those companies who do and follow thru usually go far ahead in the game…


  • The common thing to do to get rich & wealthy is to work hard, keeping MONEY as your focus. I know so many people in business who have this as their only focus and who are successful. They may be called rich but…
  • The counter-intuitive way to get wealthy is to drop the whole idea of getting rich and keep VALUE GIVING as your focus. I was listening to a couple of podcasts where a few millionaires were interviewed, and this point kept coming back. The moment they stopped chasing the money and started to think about adding value to the world, that’s when their wealth began to grow.

Note: You’re truly wealthy when you have something which money cannot buy.

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will accept it, but those who do and follow thru would create fortunes…


  • The most common thing one does to get a life partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) today, is to hit upon dating sites in desperation and look for someone using the outside-in approach. How well do they look? Are they attractive enough to have sex? Do they have a good education and well qualified? Do they have a good job?
  • The counter-intuitive approach to finding your partner would be to stop being desperate, control your senses, and become a person who attracts the right mate thru the inside-out approach. Evaluate your potential partner’s value system first? Do they align with your goals in life? And then let them first feel safe around you.

Note: Having the right posture and belief system will help you attract the right soul mate, and not one night stands. My good friend Vish Iyer has written a book on this topic called Yoga & Love. This talks about the inside-out approach.

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will follow this, but those who do and follow thru would find partners for life…


  • The most logical thing to do is to chase after fame and recognition by taking snaps with famous people and flaunting around your accessories and smallest successes. This is what I call ‘cheap fame’ or wannabe fame. This works for some people but…
  • The counter-intuitive way to getting recognized is by dropping the desire to get famous, by letting go of the grudges you have within to prove someone wrong, and by creating something which has an impact on society. Mark Zuckerberg is famous for the change he set up in the world of communication.

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will follow this, but those who do and follow thru would get so famous that it becomes irrelevant for them…


  • The most common thing people do to get their children in school is to look up on Google for the top 10 schools in their location and somehow get their kids in there by paying hefty fees. The common notion is that if you pay big fees and get them in an ‘international’ school, then your child’s future will be bright!. This works for some but…
  • The counter-intuitive approach to grooming the next generation is to pick a school that focuses on values and cultural heritage more than the fancy playgrounds and glass buildings & infrastructure. Adopting homeschooling, Steiner system or even the Montessori systems which are alternative methods are proven to be more efficient today.

Note: Did you know that the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, the co-founders of Google, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Prince Charles & Prince William and many other influential leaders in the world today come from a Montessori background?

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not everyone will follow this, but those parents who do and follow thru would get their children to huge contributors of the next generation…


  • The traditional common sense way to build a company is to ask your employees to come in and work the 9am–6pm, finish their tasks for the day and ensure that they check in and check out diligently. Yes, that’s how it’s always worked from the industrial era. It still does work, but…
  • The counter-intuitive approach to building a team of highly productive team members in business is to drop the idea of them being employees, talk to them about your vision and the company’s vision, and give them the flexibility to think and contribute as an intrapreneur in an organisation, rather than looking the check in and check out timings.

Note: When you paint a vision let employees decide on how they would like to contribute, you can see surprising results in productivity and progress.

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not all business owners will follow this, but those who do and follow thru would have more loyal and productive employees in their organisation…


  • We all fall sick. It’s a part of life. The most common thing to do is to go to a doc, pop some pills and get ok. While this seems logical, did you know that a lot of the common diseases today are created by the BIG PHARMA industries? It’s a huge game played by hospitals, pharma companies, doctors as well as insurance companies, where the whole goal is to have more recurring patients. Modern medicine is great in many cases, but mostly treats only the symptom and not the root of the problem — which usually comes back to diet and lifestyle.
  • The counter-intuitive approach to being healthy and fit is to adopt more traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda which do take longer to cure, but have more permanent effects on the body because this is not a “business model.” When we switched from the nebulizers to traditional Ayurvedic treatments for our baby who was suffering from chronic cold and breathing issues when he was the toddler, and it took just six months on Ayurveda, and the cause of the problem was solved.

Note: The advancement in medical sciences are incredible. I respect the researchers who have put in their hard work. But the issue is when this research is used to create new problems so that the masses can consume newer medicines.

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not all people will follow this, but who do and follow thru would live healthier and happier lives…


  • The significant trend in the world today is to approach everything scientifically, using experiments and proof based on what we perceive through our sense organs. Many puffed up scientists reject the presence of a Higher Power or Higher Intelligence behind the creation of this universe and only talk about a BIG BANG regarding molecules and chemicals. This is may apparently seem real (because we learned them in school) but…
  • The counter-intuitive approach to approaching life is first to understand the concept of the soul and consciousness. When does somebody say that “He has passed away,” what has passed away? It is the soul. If we approach life from a spiritual plane of understanding, then we have a better chance of understanding ourselves and our real goal of life — which is to re-establish our lost connection with our Creator — God.

Note: The purpose of life can never be understood from a chemical standpoint. We have to go back to the scriptures (especially Vedic scriptures), which goes back thousands of years and have been passed down thru a master-student disciplic succession.

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive thought process…. Not all people will approach life in this way, but who do and follow thru would have a meaning and purpose in their life…

Final Thoughts

I hope this post inspired you to start thinking differently about life.

Being counter-intuitive (which I have used so many times in this article) is the only way to go far beyond your potential.

Normal is boring.

Common sense will only make you an ordinary man.

But indeed you deserve to be more… do more… and create a positive change in the world.

Hope this information was valuable to you!

sidz systemHere’s a radical system which has created over 13 internet millionaires in the last 3 years.

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When I was at the rock bottom of my financial life, I read a book titled “Think and Grow Rich”.

I was thinking to myself, “can anyone really think and grow rich?”.

That’s when I got on this journey of studying the most successful people, and their habits.

Habits either make us or break us.

If you’re someone who’s struggling to make ends meet, there’s a high chance that you’re in this situation because of the way you think about money subconsciously.

A lot of people in poverty are desperate for money externally, but actually have a negative relationship with money internally – with limiting beliefs about themselves and how much they are supposed to have in life.

After studying deeply about living the abundant life from books like “Think and Grow Rich” and the “The Richest Man In Babylon” and many other titles, it all boils down to these 11 principles.

These are the common denominators to 99% of the world’s highly successful millionaires.

1. Pay Yourself First

pay yourself

The broke pay their bills first, but the rich pay themselves first.

What does this mean?

It simply means that to become rich, you’ve got to value yourself first and incorporate a discipline of keeping aside money for yourself, which is not to be touched for any reason.

When you have this kind of relationship with ‘money’, then ‘money’ will value you.

When this becomes a habit, then you’ll be surprised how much money you can actually make, and pay off all your ‘so-called’ debts.

2. Invest Slowly & Regularly

invest slowlyRome was not built in a day. It was built every day, brick by brick.

The true millionaires and billionaires of this world are not the ones overpowered by greed. They just happen to have the habit of growing their assets just like building Rome.

We’ve heard the phrase, slow and steady wins the race.

That’s how millionaires also treat their money.

Investing in Gold, Land and other businesses is how millionaires multiply their wealth.

3. Save & Invest


Once step 2 becomes practice, that’s when you’ll have the surplus to start investing.

When I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” many years back, I realized the difference between an asset and a liability.

An asset is something which puts money in your pocket.

Whereas a liability is something which takes money away from your pocket.

Investing is something which you do to increase your assets.

Almost all millionaires have grown their wealth by investing their money in an asset.

4. Read Everyday

read daily

Did you know that Warren Buffet spends 80% of his day reading? He covers at least 500 pages a day, and this is normal for him.

Self-made millionaire Steve Siebold interviewed 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people to find out what traits they shared. One trait nearly all of them had in common? They read everything from self-improvement books to autobiographies.

What goes in comes out.

When you read personal development books and consume content which is geared towards growing yourself, it’s the law of the universe to reciprocate.

Readers are leaders. Period.

5. Save Instead of Spend (Needs vs Wants)


It’s very easy to walk into a mall, look at your favorite iPhone, swipe your credit card and pick it up, without having a thought of how you’re going to pay for it.

The world’s top millionaires operate differently. They are usually the ones who are extremely careful when it comes to spending their money.

Millionaires clearly distinguish between needs & wants.

One principle I learned from Brian Tracy about spending money is to stagger the spend for a week, and still, if you feel you need it, only then you go ahead and buy it.

Yes, millionaires can be impulsive at times on their lavish lifestyle choices, but the deep core of their thoughts are that they would spend only if they knew they had the bandwidth.

The poor usually don’t have the discipline to save.

The middle class saves to just save.

The rich save to invest.

That’s the difference.

6. Have A Spending Plan

spending plan

So what does one really need in life?

Food, shelter, clothing & entertainment. Beyond this there nothing else.

The poor and middle class usually do not have a clear spending plan like the millionaires.

Start by creating monthly budgets, and go to every detail that to you so that you do not overspend in any specific area.

There are apps like You Needs A Budget which has a great community that will help you live within your budgets.

7. Build Wealth, Not Status


Status is the by-product of creating wealth, not the opposite.

Usually, those who chase after status are the ones who are broke, coz they are the ones who will walk into stores and buy the most expensive stuff to show that they’re rich to society.

But the real millionaires are those who first create wealth.


They then invest and then when their investments produce passive income, then they buy symbols of status.

Like I said, status is usually the by-product of building wealth.

8. Focus On The Future


Knowledge is potential power. And millionaires usually have a keen eye on the future and where the world is going.

When you have a pulse on where the world is going, it becomes easier to position yourself on the winning side, as compared to being completely oblivious to what’s coming.

The Future doesn’t always have to relate to technology.

It can also mean long-term thinking on making both personal and professional decisions.

9. Eat Healthy & Exercise Daily


We all have 24hrs a day, but it’s how we use it that matters the most.

Usually, the start of the day sets the tone for the whole day.

And from my research was done, most millionaires have a strong morning routine.

When you start your day with a brisk exercise or workout, it releases hormones which boost your creativity and action taking abilities.

Daily exercise and eating healthy makes your mind and body optimal for executing productive work.

10. Give To Charity


The principle all millionaires realize early on is that ‘money’ is a form of energy, and in order to receive more energy, you’ll have to give it first.

This is a flow of energy.

When you give in charity, the energy circulates and brings you more.

The more your attached to money, the lesser it circulates and it goes the opposite way.

Real charity is all about giving without any want.

It’s about having the pure intention to just help others who are in need.

11. Avoid Bad Debt


The most basic principle to make your millions is ‘spend lesser than you earn’.

When you start to spend more than you earn, that’s when you start moving into the bad debt zone.

There’s good debt and bad debt.

Good debt is something which helps you grow further. Example: “Taking debt to buy a house which put in a monthly cash flow into your account”.

But bad debt is something which will cripple you. Example: “Buying a car or a house which is beyond your means – of current cash flow – and which does not put money into your pocket.

This also had to do with sense control.

Millionaires are millionaires because they have the power control their senses when it comes to making money decisions.

But the poor are those who are impulsive and emotional on subjects of money. And it’s this which gets them into poverty.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts


Your thoughts become things.

Your environment influences you more than your will power.

So be careful whom you listen to and associate with.

In order to become a millionaire, you’ve got to first change your money blueprint at a subconscious level.

By making these 11 tips into habits, you will automatically go into the fast track of creating wealth on-demand.

T Harv Eker’s 11 Principles

t harv eker

I got into the internet marketing space because it gives me the flexibility to create wealth and life the lifestyle I want.

The internet gives you the power to live a life of freedom and purpose.

Here’s a 3 step system which has created over 13 millionaires in the last 4 years.

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Want to feel like NEO from the Matrix? There’s a trick to compressing time and bending reality. It’s called the “700 Principle”. Listen to this and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

compress time

This “700 principle” can have a tremendous impact in your life and business too.

MindNotes – Key Highlights

The 700 Principle

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business & martial arts

This principle of “focus” can have a tremendous impact in your life and business too.

MindNotes – Key Highlights

business & martial arts

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Entrepreneurship is not for everybody! Period.

If you’ve been contemplating on making that JUMP from employee to entrepreneurship, then listen to this mindnote!

I share 14 core principles which you need to ponder on before making your decision.

This is based on my personal experience and studying some of the world top entrepreneurs.

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