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sleep impactIn the year 2015, I went thru a panic attack.

I was in a state of insomnia for a whole 2 weeks and was just not able to sleep.

When I researched on this topic, I came to know the reason.

It was because I was not getting enough sleep.

I used to work late nights building my internet businesses, neglecting the most important aspect – myself.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you to set your life in order so that you have the most optimal lifestyle to build your internet business.

As I researched on this subject, I came across some really powerful stats and infographics which I thought would be appropriate for me to share based on my personal experience.

1. How Much Sleep Do You Need

sleep age group

The stats here show that adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep daily, to function properly.

Newborns, infants, toddlers & pre-schoolers need at least 10-15 hours of sleep daily.

As you get older, there’s a natural tendency to reduce the numbers of hours of sleep.

2. How Do You Really Sleep?

Now that you know the number of hours required, the next step is about understanding how you sleep.

Did you know that only 1 out of 10 people sleep right through the night without any interruptions?

And most of us are able to comfortably sleep only on our own beds, as compared to hotels.

In this infographic below, you’ll also learn about the various sleep positions and personality types.

how to sleep

 3. Best & Worst Sleeping Positions

Your sleeping position can directly have an impact on your health & well-being.

If you’ve been experiencing neck pains, back pains, shoulder pains, hip pains or jaw pains, some of these positions will reveal the reason why.

Make sure that you have a look at the right positions and start changing your posture.

sleep positions

 4. How Sleep Affects Your Brain

Deprived sleep has a direct effect on your brain. Below is an infographic on the different stages of sleep and how to catch up on any sleep debt.

brain and sleep

 5. The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation was one of the main reasons I went thru a panic attack in 2015. As I was studying more about this I came to know a few things.

  • Sleep deprivation causes higher anxiety levels
  • You also tend to go into depressions quickly
  • There’s a high risk of hypertension
  • You may also have a higher risk of injury
  • Less sleep also increases chances of getting Diabetes
  • This also leads to unhealthy cravings
  • Sleep deprivation also increases chances of breast cancer and a stroke

Sleep deprivation messes around with your body clock.

sleep deprivation

6. Insane Facts About Sleep

Michael Jackson apparent went thru 60+ sleepless nights before he died.

Below are some quite interesting facts about sleep which you need to know.

sleep facts

8. The Importance Of Having Good Sleep

40% of US adults have a sleep deprivation. So having a good sound sleep daily is the key to optimal living.

  • There’s a 32% reduction in alertness in those who’ve had 1.5hrs lesser sleep than usual
  • 20% of all serious car accidents occur due to lack of sleep
  • 559 additional calories are consumed usually the day after one has had less sleep
  • Those who get less sleep have a 15% increased chance in getting chronic illnesses

importance of sleep

9. Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Here are some tips on how you can improve your sleep patterns.

  1. Sleep and wake up at the same time daily – be consistent
  2. Reduce your daily caffeine intake
  3. Turn off your computer & television at least 30mins before you sleep
  4. Do not go to bed with a full stomach. Eat at least 3hrs before you go to bed.
  5. Do not go to bed empty stomach. Eat light foods only.
  6. Regular exercise helps you get better sleep.
  7. Limit beverage consumption before bed. Else you’ll have to run to the loo which disturbs sleep.
  8. Keep your bedroom dark & quiet at all times.
  9. Invest in a good mattress and pillow.
  10. Go to sleep and wake up using your internal alarm clock, instead of your mobile phone.

tips to help you get a good night sleep

10. Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

Feng Shui or Vedic Vaastu are methods to optimise your enviornment for better energies.

1. Get a full or queen size bed.
2. Create your command center.
3. Get a headboard – The headboard keeps you connected with your partner and stabilizes you in bed.
4. Keep underneath your bed clutter-free.
5. Take mirror placement to heart.
6. Invest in better bedding.
7. Decorate with relaxing colors – Earth tones, such as blue, green and brown, are best for the bedroom
8. Be selective with electronics in your room.
9. Enhance your space with plants and essential oils.

sleep feng shui


Final Thoughts

The whole purpose of putting together this article is so that you do not make the same mistakes that I did in 2015.

In order to build a successful internet business or live optimally, you’ve got to first fix this main piece of “getting good rest”.

Neglect your sleep, and this will affect all areas of your life, and you’ll end up spending more on healthcare than ever.

The reason I compiled this post is so that I can learn myself, and also help you live a better life.

sidz systemHere’s a proven system which has created over 13 internet millionaires in the last 3 years.

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To understand the mind of a billionaire, you just need to know what the billionaire reads.

Recently CNBC published an article about Elon Musk and what books actually propelled him to success.

Elon Musk is someone who’s achieved huge success in his various ventures after overcoming a lot of failures.

When asked in interviews, Elon always used to say that ever since his childhood, books have played an enormous role in shaping his ambitions and aspirations.

With his recent success in completing the first commercial rocket launch in SpaceX, reports asked him about how he learned about rockets? And his response was, “I read books”.

His ground-breaking career has been shaped by these 8 books. These recommendations will definitely help you live the internet lifestyle.

1. “Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down” by J.E. Gordon

structures book

buy now

For anyone who has ever wondered why suspension bridges don’t collapse under eight lanes of traffic, how dams hold back-or give way under-thousands of gallons

of water, or what principles guide the design of a skyscraper or a kangaroo, this book will ease your anxiety and answer your questions.

J. E. Gordon strips engineering of its confusing technical terms, communicating its founding principles in accessible, witty prose.

2. “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” by Walter Isaacson

banjamin franklyn

buy now

In this authoritative and engrossing full-scale biography, Walter Isaacson, bestselling author of Einstein and Steve Jobs, shows how the most fascinating of America’s founders helped define our national character.

Benjamin Franklin is the founding father who winks at us, the one who seems made of flesh rather than marble. In a sweeping narrative that follows Franklin’s life from Boston to Philadelphia to London and Paris and back, Walter Isaacson chronicles the adventures of the runaway apprentice who became, over the course of his eighty-four-year life, America’s best writer, inventor, media baron, scientist, diplomat, and business strategist, as well as one of its most practical and ingenious political leaders.

He explores the wit behind Poor Richard’s Almanac and the wisdom behind the Declaration of Independence, the new nation’s alliance with France, the treaty that ended the Revolution, and the compromises that created a near-perfect Constitution.

3. “Einstein: His Life and Universe” by Walter Isaacson

einstein book

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Isaacson’s biography is an excellent exhibition of Einstein’s personality, aura, rebellious nature and scientific approach for things that seemed mundane to others. The book delves deep into his life and verifies the connection between creativity and freedom.

It reveals Einstein as the man behind the science. From early years of life to thoughts, experiments to his later life, the book has it all. It also reveals his role in the development of the atomic bomb and how he contributed to the civil rights groups in the United States.

The book revolves around letters written by Einstein. The biography offers glimpses into then society and people and other unknown facts about the great physics prodigy that resided in dark for so many decades. His failure to be a good husband, father, and a teacher, the book explores how an ordinary man becomes the extraordinary who decoded the mysteries of the universe with the theory of relativity.

Einstein’s scientific approach for conventional things and his faith in formulas enabled him to think about astronomical bodies and subatomic particles so deeply that the present day scientists are still trying their best to get close to where he left.

4. “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies” by Nick Bostrom


buy now

The human brain has some capabilities that the brains of other animals lack. It is to these distinctive capabilities that our species owes its dominant position.

Other animals have stronger muscles or sharper claws, but we have cleverer brains. If machine brains one day come to surpass human brains in general intelligence, then this new superintelligence could become very powerful. As the fate of the gorillas now depends more on us humans than on the gorillas themselves, so the fate of our species then would come to depend on the actions of the machine superintelligence. But we have one advantage: We get to make the first move.

Will it be possible to construct a seed AI or otherwise to engineer initial conditions so as to make an intelligence explosion survivable? How could one achieve a controlled detonation? To get closer to an answer to this question, we must make our way through a fascinating landscape of topics and considerations.

This profoundly ambitious and original book picks its way carefully through a vast tract of forbiddingly difficult intellectual terrain. Yet the writing is so lucid that it somehow makes it all seem easy. After an utterly engrossing journey that takes us to the frontiers of thinking about the human condition and the future of intelligent life, we find in Nick Bostrom’s work nothing less than a reconceptualization of the essential task of our time.

5. “Merchants of Doubt” by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes


buy now

The U.S. scientific community has long led the world in research on such areas as public health, environmental science, and issues affecting quality of life. These scientists have produced landmark studies on the dangers of DDT, tobacco smoke, acid rain, and global warming. But at the same time, a small yet potent subset of this community leads the world in vehement denial of these dangers.

Merchants of Doubt tells the story of how a loose-knit group of high-level scientists and scientific advisers, with deep connections in politics and industry, ran effective campaigns to mislead the public and deny well-established scientific knowledge over four decades.

Remarkably, the same individuals surface repeatedly-some of the same figures who have claimed that the science of global warming is “not settled” denied the truth of studies linking smoking to lung cancer, coal smoke to acid rain, and CFCs to the ozone hole. “Doubt is our product,” wrote one tobacco executive. These “experts” supplied it.

6. “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding

lord of flies

buy now

This is a famous and popular novel that has been reprinted many times. It has also been made into two feature length movies, the first in 1963 and the next in 1990 and there is another movie in production. It has also been made into at least six short episodes for TV.

A British plane crashes on or near an isolated island in a remote region of the Pacific Ocean. The only survivors are boys in their middle childhood or preadolescence. Now they must work together to survive, or they will fight each other.

7. “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future” by Peter Thiel

zero to one

buy now

The book Zero To One is about nurturing the next big idea to build a valuable global company. If you are only following in the steps known entrepreneurs, then the authors believe that you are headed nowhere.

The book recalls how certain innovative ideas were incubated and how people behind them dared to dream big and even did realize some of them. But trying to replicate or improvise what Bill Gates achieved with developing an operating system or what Large Page got out of making a user friendly search engine is not going to help in realizing the dream for building the next global business empire.

This book also compiles the startups culture as discussed by Peter Thiel in his lecture for Stanford University students in 2012 with details about various other aspects of entrepreneurship.

The authors encourage to think out of the box, without delving too much into the lives of the great entrepreneurs for there are already many books on that. Thiel, himself a successful serial entrepreneur, instead motivates for chalking out ones own course, breaking conventions, changing the rules and about disruptive technologies that revolutionize the way business is conducted.

The book was well received and did get recommendations from notable authors and business enthusiasts. Written in a easy to understand language, the book attempts to describe the demands and stakes that drive the startup world.

8. The “Foundation” trilogy by Isaac Asimov


buy now

Long after Earth was forgotten, a peaceful and unified galaxy took shape, an Empire governed from the majestic city-planet of Trantor. The system worked, and grew, for countless generations. Everyone believed it would work forever. Everyone except Hari Seldon.

As the great scienctific thinker of his age Seldon could not be ignored. Reluctantly, the Commission of Public Safety agreed to finance the Seldon Plan.

The coming disaster was predicted by Seldon’s advances in psychohistory, the mathematics of very large human numbers, and it could not be averted. The Empire was doomed. Soon Trantor would lie in ruins. Chaos would overtake humanity. But the Seldon Plan was a long term strategy to minimize the worst of what was to come.

Two Foundations were set up at opposite ends of the galaxy. Of the Second nothing can be told. It guards the secrets of psychohisotry. FOUNDATION is the story of the First Foundation, on the remote planet of Terminus, from which those secrets were withheld.

Final Thoughts

Hope you liked this compilation of books based on the information I got from other sources on Elon Musk. Please share this article with others and spread the knowledge.

Leaders are readers. And the best way to get into the minds of the most successful is to read what they read. Model the best.

The reason I compiled this post is so that I can learn myself, and also help you live a better life.

sidz systemHere’s a proven system which has created over 13 internet millionaires in the last 3 years.

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So you looking for ways to use a large portion of your brain’s potential?

brain power

Did you know that you can actually tap into your brain’s power and make it a super idea machine by doing just a few simple things?

I believe that every single human on this planet had been gifted with creativity. But very few of us consciously tap into it’s power.

The whole aspect of creativity is what makes us human. This is the single most important quality that differentiates us from the machines.

As I was studying some of the world best thinkers, I got to collect a few ideas which can help you generate more ideas and in turn change the quality of your life.

10 Tips To Make Your Brain A Factory Full Of Ideas

creativity ideas

1. Start Off With An Idea Journal

I always carry a my black book of ideas wherever I go. This is my idea journal. A lot of times I go to the beach with this notebook, and usually get a lot of ideas just after sitting on the ocean shore.

I’m also a digital note taker, but I always prefer my black book, as it’s easy and convenient and more humanised.

Once I have physically written all my ideas, I then transfer all those into my digital notes.

2. Pen Down 10 Ideas Daily Before You Sleep

I have studied at least 50 millionaires and not all, but most of them have this habit of penning down their ideas for the next day, the night before.

That way, they actually subconsciously sleep over it and take action and manifest many of those ideas into reality.

You can cover ideas from all aspects of your life – health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and leisure.

3. Make Sketches Of Your Ideas


Visual representation of ideas is far more powerful than writing lists or bullet points.

Maybe it’s your marketing strategy and funnel design you’re working on – and instead of writing down points, you can actually visually draw our your entire business funnel online.

Maybe it’s also an idea on how you want your website to look. Draw it out! This will stimulate your brain to bring out more ideas creatively.

4. Conduct Brainstorming Sessions With A Mastermind


Bringing together a bunch of passionate individuals to brainstorm on new ideas is by far the most powerful form of idea generation.

When you normally think about ideation by your own, you are actually limited by your own experiences and thoughts.

But when you get a group of passionate people together who love a particular subject, then magical things can happen.

The reason why I started my blogging mastermind is for this specific reason.

5. Get Your Ideas On Paper – No Electronics Please

journal new

There’s a unique between your physical hands, the pen, paper and your subconscious mind.

When you get all those electronic gadgets away and start using your physical apparatus provided by God, then you can start generating even more ideas than on any electronic device.

To make it even more stimulating, use chart paper and a lot of colors to start representing your ideas.

6. Get Yourself Around More Creative People

creative people

You are who you associate with. If you want to start thinking more creatively then start meeting up with creative folks.

You can go to websites like and look for all the local events happening in your city and network with some really creative people.

This itself is a creative exercise because it breaks you away from the normal boring routine of life.

In the digital world, start bookmarking some of your favorite websites and social media handles which inspires your creative side.

Start following really creative influencers on social media and see what they are doing.

7. Get Good Food & Nutrients In Your Systems

nutritious food

You are also what you eat. There are certain foods which can help you enhance your creative side.

- Unprocessed foods: Though nobody is certain why, study after study has shown that supplements do not provide the same health benefits as real, unprocessed food.

- Greens: Cruciferous vegetables – such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and leafy greens (like Picasso’s spinach) – have been shown to encourage a slow rate of cognitive decline which is a natural part of ageing.

- Whole grains: These wholegrain foods will stop the glucose energy that your brain feeds on from being released too quickly, providing you with a steady stream of mental energy as you work on your masterpiece. Make sure to eat whole grains for breakfast and you will be rewarded with a slow release of brain food throughout the day.

- Fresh Fruit & Vegetables: Treat your brain like a car engine, provide it with high quality fuel and it will run better for longer periods of time.

- Beans & Pulses: Beans and pulses, such as lentils, are a lean source of protein which will regulate the release of glucose to the brain. Lean sources of protein, as opposed to unhealthy fatty sources found in whole milk products and fatty foods, will not damage your brain.

- Nuts & Seeds: Try to fill half your diet with lean sources of protein and the other half with fruits and vegetables. The two sources will work well together to keep your creativity going strong. Some varieties of nuts are also a source of brain-boosting Omega 3 fatty acids.

8. Get Used To Finishing Your Tasks

finishing tasks

When you get into the habit of finishing things regularly, this feeling give you a boost of dopamine which can help you boost your creativity.

Start with small tasks, and slowly move on to bigger ones.

In essence, the feeling of accomplishment is key to helping you bring on the creative side of things.

9. Look For Newer Life Experiences

new experiences

Going to new places, meeting new people and taking roads which you have never taken before give your brains new experiences.

These new experiences actually sharpen your brains and turn on your creative side drastically.

New experiences actually widen your perspective about life and people and you will actually have a much bigger pool of inspiration compared to those who’ve had very limited experiences in life.

This will make you a more open person, who’s non-judgemental – which will directly help you produce new ideas.

10. Snap Out Of Any Negative Loops

If you ever start feeling that you’re not creative enough, snap out of it. It’s absolutely not true.

It’s like that feeling of a writer’s block. Even the greatest of artists and writers go thru that feeling of not being creative enough. It’s ok.

But the key is to not turn that into a negative self-destructive loop.

smart hobbies

Final Thoughts – Lubricate Your Brains!

To be in a constant state if creativity, you can use some of these brain lubricants.

brain lubricant

Here’s a video of one of my mentors (who’s done over $200 million in online sales). I’m always amazed by how he’s able to live a life that’s super productive & and purposeful. Watch this video.


Over to you… Any other ideas to boost creativity?

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If you’re keen to live the internet lifestyle, then you’ve got to set up your space to be more conducive to that style of living.

As I was researching this topic, I stumbled into various awesome websites and resources which give good examples of minimalist homes, and tips on how to set them up.

minimalist living room

Came across this really cool this company called NEOTECTURE, where I got some of these ideas.

Why Do You Need A Minimalist Home?

Ever since I shifted from Bangalore to Chennai a few months back, I consciously decided to keep my home clutter free. In the last 6 months, I’ve observed many positives of keeping less stuff at home.

  1. Gives more breathing space
  2. A clean home also extends to having a clean and clutter free life
  3. You save time in cleaning and maintaining things
  4. While the inventory is less, you can get what you want really quickly
  5. You also think twice before buying anything for the home – you save money.
  6. It gives a sense of liberation and freedom to live in a space that’s less crowded
  7. It makes your home feel more livable
  8. It’s classy and cool with a lot of day light

If you’re planning to build a lifestyle business on the internet, it makes sense to start getting all your junk out and making your home more like some of the examples that I have given below.


Why Go The  Minimal Way?

Simply put, “A Minimal home is a clutter free home”.

A minimal home has only absolutely necessary things inside it. A few pieces of meaningful art on walls, a few plants to liven up the interiors and bare minimum furniture.

1. Peace of Mind

It’s always so clean and visually pleasing that it will literary give your mind well deserved peace after a hard day of work.

2. Positive vibes

A minimal home is clean, visually pleasant and everything is arranged perfectly. That will transfer positive vibes to the inhabitants. Imagine a meditation hall, which is often empty, with almost no furniture or any other objects, painted in neutral colors, mostly white. What kind of feeling you have when you enter the meditation room? It’s always positive, right! You get the similar feeling in a minimal home.

3. Easier to clean

The more stuff you have, the more you have to clean. Think about how much time and energy you can save in minimal living, and how less stressful your life will become.

4. More Beautiful

A minimal home naturally looks beautiful. Why? It is clean, clutter free, more open space, no visual distractions. All this makes it more appealing.

Key Qualities Of A Minimalist Home

Here are some key characteristics of an “internet business” friendly minimalist home!

minimalist home

Clean Surfaces & Neutral Colours

In a minimal home, surfaces like walls, floors ceilings are clear and mostly painted in neutral colors like white, gray, and beige. Surfaces are often clean and with very few objects on them.


Every room of a minimal home would only have the essential pieces of furniture, which that is functional and absolutely necessary.

More Natural Light

A minimal home is designed in a way to take maximum advantage of the natural light. With light neutral colors in the interiors, a minimal house always looks brighter and pleasing to the eye.

More Open Space

Since minimal home contains very few objects, it looks more open and welcoming. There are no extra pieces of furniture in the rooms; hence rooms look bigger than the actual.


Look around your house. Take all the unnecessary stuff and get rid of them or give it to somebody. Keep only the absolutely essential things.


This part will explain what kind of furniture you should have in different rooms. The key here is to take one room at a time. Don’t try to do the entire home at one go. You might end up creating more mess than sort them out.

How To Setup Your Living / Drawing Room

minimalist living room

You don’t want to fill your living room with a lot of furnitures.

Here’s a list of furniture that you should have in order to give your living room a minimal make over.
One 3 seater sofa – Preferably with gray, beige or black upholstery.

  • One lounge / reclining chair
  • One small Coffee table.
  • Flat screen TV on the wall, no showcase or cabinet required here.
  • And a simple wall clock.

How To Setup Your Dining Room

minimalist design room

A dining table with 4 to 6 chairs, depending on the size of your family and the space. It should be very simple and with a clear glass top. You may use the natural wood colors for the table and chairs.

How To Setup Your Kitchen

minimalist kitchen

The goal here is to keep your kitchen platform as clean as possible at all times. So, have only the most essential objects out on the counter, i.e. microwave, juicer etc.

Make sure you use light-colored finishes for all your kitchen cabinets and furniture.

How To Setup Your Bedroom

minimalist bedroom

A wardrobe with glass doors (to break the volume of your large wardrobe)

The design of a bed should be as minimal as possible and preferably without or with a very small hood (a hood is the backside of a bed). You can add up a couple of lamps, if you’re a fan of mood lighting.

How To Setup Your Home Office

minimalist home office

One simple table (preferably white in colour) with a minimal desk-lamp, one chair, a very small book shelf / stand (not over-crowded with books). Add a small indoor plant to liven up the space and make it look refreshing.

How To Setup Your Bathrooms

minimalist bathroom

They are tricky as taste varies from person to person and size of the bathrooms. A few key points to consider:

  1. No Bathtub (if you have a super lavish bathroom, you can have one but it shouldn’t occupy more than 20% of the space)
  2. Just one cabinet below your hand wash basin, no cabinets on walls as they make your bathroom look way smaller and create a visual distraction.
  3. Again color is the key here, you may use the material you want on the floors and walls of your bathrooms, but make sure you choose neutral shades.

How To Setup Natural / Artifical Lights

minimalist interiors

If you’re building a new home from the ground up, make sure you utilize the maximum potential of the natural light.

If possible, have maximum windows / openings to the North directions. Light from the north direction is of the best quality.

Avoid having large openings on South and West directions. The light from these directions is harsh. (Those in the Southern hemisphere, avoid using North lights, South is good for you).

Now, if you’re upgrading your existing home, increasing the natural light might not be possible at times. So, your goal here is should be to play very carefully with artificial lights.

Use white or ivory lights; avoid using yellow lights (You can use yellow lights to bare minimum if you’re a fan of mood lightings)

The key here is to make your interiors look very bright at all times (Yes, even during the nights).

How To Setup Surfaces & Floors



Surfaces include floors, walls, and ceiling.

Paint your walls with bright white color, so that they can reflect the light well and make your home look brighter.

Ceilings must be painted with white, you may still experiment with the walls by painting them in a different color, but it’s a big no-no for ceilings.

You have a couple choices here when it comes to the floor. Let’s look at some the options below.

Floor tiles

You can choose any light color tiles, but make sure you don’t use more than two color combinations and avoid using fuzzy patterns and too many details.

Use large size tiles (preferably 2 x 2feet or larger) as small tiles mean more joints which gather more dust. If your budget permits, you can opt for marble, but choose light and neutral colors.

Wooden floor

You can go with any color here, but the key is to not to. Use more than two color combinations, and low in contrast.

How To Setup Art Pieces

minimalist artwork

We all love some form of art. And we want to keep the art we love in front of us all the time.
You can have meaningful art pieces on walls, but those should not cover more than 20% of the wall area.

Keep it simple; don’t just hang anything to fill up space. The blank wall will look much better than a wall with bad art on it.
Apart from wall art, you can also have a few objects like vases, lamp shades etc. of optimal size (not too big, not too small) but don’t have them in all rooms.

You can have a small vase probably in your living room and small lamp shades in your study or bedroom.
Hope this guide will help you transform your home and lead you to a simpler, more meaningful life.

Final Thoughts

The next time you walk into someone’s home and look at all the clutter, you’ll surely be able to gauge the amount of emotional clutter that’s present in that person’s life.

Trust me, every since I’ve adopted this style of living I’m able to have less and do more in my life.

I’m sure you would have got some idea now on how to start planning your living space into a more minimalistic one.

Here’s a video of one of my mentors (who’s done over $200 million in online sales). I’m always amazed by how he’s able to live a life that’s super productive & purposeful. Watch this video.



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Did you know that you can actually increase your brain power by being more productive?

Productivity is the hottest topic in today’s super fast paced lifestyles that are filled with so many popups.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

If you study neuroplasticity–the theory that has proven one extremely amazing fact: Our brains have the ability to change. It means that if you aren’t that smart in one area, that’s totally fine! You possess the option to “change” that region of the brain via a bit of training.

Your brain is actually a muscle. It requires regular exercise.

Check out this really cool infographic below by Wrike.

I urge you to go thru each of these 50 tips and ponder over them one by one right now.

increase brainpower

Hope you found these 50 tips useful and informative.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar


In today’s highly distracted world, it’s important for us to take a step back and think about how we can really improve the quality of our lives.

A lot of peoples’ brain power is dwindling due to the fact that everybody is so busy, that they don’t have time to think if they are headed in the right direction.

You have the power to create magical things in the world. You have the passion within to impact the lives of thousands of people. God has gifted you with a brain which is capable of doing some really wonderful things.

It’s just a matter of you taking that first step.

Here’s a video of one of my mentors (who’s done over $200 million in online sales). I’m always amazed by how he’s able to live a life that’s super productive & purposeful. Watch this video.



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